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Click on the picture below to listen to a podcast on the frozen yogurt trend:

Photo courtesy of Pinkberry

Photo courtesy of Pinkberry

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Froyo Podcast Script:

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Emory University sophomore Nicole Blumenkehl (nih-COLE blue-men-kel) started eating frozen yogurt when she had recurrent tonsillitis three years ago.

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Nicole Blumenkehl

Emory Student

I had recurrent tonsillitis but they didn’t want to take my tonsils and I couldn’t swallow anything substantial. They told me not to have soup because the heat tended to make my tonsils swell even more, so the doctor told me I should try Pinkberry frozen yogurt as a nutritious substitute to ice cream.


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Since then, Blumenkehl (blue-men-kel) is in good company as many Americans are turning to frozen yogurt as a nutritious alternative to ice cream.

It is seen as so good for you that even healthy-food restaurants such as Atlanta’s Sprouts Green Café are offering it.

Sprouts manager Jason Jackson (JAY-suhn JAK-suhn) says they bought a frozen yogurt machine because it’s wholesome, just like the rest of their food.

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Jason Jackson

Sprouts Manager

Frozen yogurt, or yogurt in general, is actually really good for a lot different things, such as digestion. And it’s a popular movement right now too, with getting in better shape and having healthier foods, and that definitely helps with all that stuff.


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But experts such as nutritionist Patricia Simonds (puh-TRIH-shuh SIME-unz)  say the yogurt may not be so healthy after all.

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Patricia Simonds


The nutrient content of the actual yogurt is not as perfect as they’re selling it to be. So it’s not that high in protein for what you’re actually getting in comparison to regular yogurt.


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At Yogli Mogli (yo-glee moe-glee), a self-serve frozen yogurt shop in Emory Village, customers are given a two-cup container for their treat.


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Employee Jennifer Lopez (JEN-nih-fur LO-pess) says many costumers even believe the yogurt is nourishing enough to eat as a meal.

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Jennifer Lopez

Yogli Mogli Employee

I have heard a lot of people say oh this is going to be my lunch for today or this is my meal for the day but I mean, it is really healthy.


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But Simonds (SIME-unz) says frozen yogurt should never be eaten as a meal.

She also says that dieters need to exercise portion control at self-serve shops.

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Patricia Simonds


The size of the container lends itself to you filling it up. So if they give you a bowl that you can’t really put a half a cup in, which is what the serving size is that they have on their nutrition facts label, then that’s kind of counterintuitive.


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But students such as Emory sophomore Julie Gordon (JOOL-lee GOR-duhn) say they like to fill their cup all the way.

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Julie Gordon

Emory Student

I fill it up all the way because I need to eat it as a meal and that’s the only way I’m satisfied.


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But others, like Blumenkehl (blue-men-kel), never fill their cups to the top. After a long recovery from tonsillitis, Blumenkehl (blue-men-kel) says she now enjoys frozen yogurt in nutritious amounts.

Her favorite flavor is original, topped with different kinds of berries.

Erica Petri, Emory News Now.


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