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Name: Evan Mah  lowertooth

Year: Junior

Major: Sociology, Journalism Co-Major

Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee

Emory junior Evan Mah started a food blog, ToothFish, five years ago. Now, it’s rated number 16 on Urbanspoon! Her Campus Emory sat down with Evan to learn more about him, and his blog.  (Note: The picture of Evan doesn’t reveal his face so that restaurant’s do not identify him as a food critic.)

Her Campus Emory (HCE): Tell us a little about ToothFish

Evan (E): The Toothfish is a blog I started 5 years ago when I was a junior in high school. The main focus is reviewing restaurants around Atlanta and Memphis but occasionally I post something I’ve cooked.

HCE: Why did you decide to start the blog? Is there a story behind it?

E: When I was a junior in high school, I wanted to cerebrate Mother’s Day by making reservations at one of the two 5-star restaurants in the city. Considering my entire family is involved in the restaurant business, food is really the quickest way to our hearts. Well, Mother’s Day came, and we all dressed up and drove downtown to this antebellum house — one of those restaurants with a ton of tradition behind it. Long story short, the meal was a disaster. I think my waiter was on LSD because she was insane in all the wrong ways. As for the food…it was the kind of meal that would convince everyone that expensive restaurants are silly and pretentious and that we should just stick to frozen dinners.

As we drove back home, we started talking about the meal and the farther we drove, the more angry I got about how this restaurant had ruined my Mother’s day present. So that’s when I decided somebody needed to know about this culinary landmine just waiting to destroy thousands more wallets and appetites. I wrote a “review” for my school newspaper, and I guess because people like reading rants, they kept encouraging me to review another restaurant. I’ve been reviewing ever since.  I should also say that over the years I’ve slowly figured out how exactly to conduct and write a review and have gained a better understanding of the craft. I rarely rant these days.

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