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Slowly pacing up and down the row of broken or occupied exercise machines in the WoodPEC isn’t exactly our idea of a good out of orderworkout. If you’ve made your way up to the fourth floor workout room lately, chances are you have waited up to 30 minutes for a turn on a treadmill or an elliptical. With the current temperatures still averaging around 40 degrees, and our daily schedules as packed as ever, how are we supposed to stay in shape? Her Campus Emory has come up with a few exciting and efficient ideas for you to stay active this winter.

Run the indoor track. When it’s too cold to run outside, and the treadmills aren’t available, why not do a few laps around the track? Run with a friend, or listen to some music on your iPod, and the time will fly by. It’s no run in Lullwater, but at least you’re going somewhere.

Swim laps. They say swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for your body, plus, no sweating involved! You’ll end your workout cool and refreshed.

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