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You’re done (or almost) with your midterms. You’ve made your study guides,

Bliss Promotion Flyer

Bliss Promotion Flyer

pulled a few all-nighters, and are still feeling shaky from that Trenta Iced Coffee (with an additional two shots of espresso, anyone?) you downed around sunrise this morning.

It’s time to relax, Collegiettes™. With all our hard work, we deserve to be pampered. And what better way to escape into a carefree world where midterms and essays don’t exist than to visit your local Bliss Spa?

That’s right, ladies. The nationally recognized upscale spa has made their services more affordable for all you lucky Collegiettes™ in their “Being Brainy is a Beautiful Thing” campaign. Receive 15% off when you present a valid college ID, or 20% off for getting an A on a paper!

Her Campus Emory was one of the lucky Her Campus branches chosen to help promote the campaign. When I received my ‘Bath’ To School Caddy, complete with a loofah, Bliss’s Lemon and Sage Body Butter, and Bliss’s Lemon and Sage body soap, I could not wait to try their products and visit the spa myself.
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