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Teatime: Why I drink tea before bed

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I’ve always had trouble sleeping—I guess it comes with the whole Type A personality thing. Whether I’m nervous about a project, thinking about tomorrow’s to-do list, or excited about an upcoming event, I’ve spent many nights tossing and turning. Until recently, that

A few months ago, a friend suggested I try drinking tea before bed. It can’t hurt, right? I picked up Celestial Seasonings SleepyTime herbal tea, which is a blend of chamomile, spearmint, and lemongrass.

After one night of blissful sleep, I was hooked. SleepyTime comes in a few different flavors, and I’m addicted to Vanilla. Enjoying a cup of this tea before bed isn’t a habit I’ll be breaking anytime soon…

It’s relaxing. Chamomile is known for its soothing qualities. Studies have shown that chamomile relieves anxiety and promotes rest. Sipping on this herb helps me let go of my thoughts before getting some shuteye.  (Bonus: Chamomile’s antioxidants may prevent complications from diabetes).  In addition, if you choose Vanilla Sleepytime, the aroma adds to the relaxing properties of the tea. Studies have shown that the vanilla scent decreases anxiety.

It helps with digestion. Spearmint is used to help indigestion, relieve flatulence, and ease abdominal pains. Lemongrass has similar effects on digestion and is used to treat digestive tract spasms, stomachaches, and vomiting.  These herbs are easy on the stomach and taste good!

It’s peaceful and delicious. There’s something about sipping a hot cup of tea that is inherently calming. I use my teatime as a way to separate the crazy day from what should be a peaceful night. Doing so has helped me keep my anxious thoughts at bay.   In addition, I genuinely love the taste of the tea! It’s a win win.


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