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Midtown: Atlanta’s Vibrant Urban Center

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If you’re looking for that big-city feel in the sprawling metropolis that is Atlanta, then Midtown is 800px-Midtown_Atlanta_Skylinethe neighborhood for you. Centrally located between Buckhead and Downtown, Midtown offers everything from sleek new high-rises to traditional homes, boutique shops to popular franchises, and award winning restaurants to fast food.

And I’m not the only one who thinks Midtown is awesome—between 2000-2010, Midtown’s population grew 15 times faster than Atlanta’s as a whole, according to the Midtown Alliance.

What many don’t know, is that this rapid growth is partially due to Blueprint Midtown, a Midtown Alliance project that began in 1997. The goal of the Midtown Blueprint is to transform midtown into a vibrant urban community.

As a native New Yorker, I’d say Midtown is well on its way to becoming a destination city. Here are the top three reasons Midtown Atlanta rocks:

1. Walkability – Atlanta is not known as a walking city, probably due to the fact that it’s major neighborhoods are so far apart. Walking from Midtown to Buckhead is not the same as walking from Midtown New York to the Upper East Side. Midtown Atlanta offers one of the city’s highest walking scores, coming in second to Buckhead Village by only two points. Living here makes getting around easy and fun. Walk to fantastic restaurants, cool new shops, or simply to the grocery store. Wherever you’re going, you can walk.

2. Piedmont Park – Piedmont Park is located on the edge of the core of Midtown, and offers a 345894-piedmont-parkgreen escape from the city feel of the area. Not only does Piedmont offer a nice place to go for a walk and enjoy the beautiful Atlanta weather, it also offers a host of events.

Looking for some fresh produce? Head to Piedmont Saturday mornings from March-December for Green Market, a local farmer’s market. Need to get in shape? Check out the Love You Healthy Fitness programs. Want something to do? Visit the calendar of events, which includes everything from workshops to annual festivals (can you say Dogwood Festival and Music Midtown?).

3. Growth – Due to the rapid growth of the Midtown area, there is always something new. The sleek new high-rises bring with them plenty of ground-floor retail and restaurant space. In the past three weeks alone, Midtown has seen two restaurant openings—BurgerFi in the 77 12th building , and Mamma Goldberg’s in Skyhouse Midtown.  Other recent additions to the Core Midtown area include Bantam and Bitty and Tabla. Restaurants coming soon include Max’s Wine Dive and Taco Diner.

The growth of Midtown will continue to bring fabulous new restaurants and stores. There is always something new and exciting to the Midtown area.



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